Losing Clients? Here’s Why- And What to Do About It

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Losing Clients? Here’s Why- And What to Do About It

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit businesses all over the world. Recent statistical analysis shows that most companies have lost clients during the pandemic. It is hard to get back the old customers and finding new ones can be even harder.
If you are losing your clients, here are some things that will help you know why and what can you do about it.

Reasons Behind Losing Clients

  • Office working and social contact was a way that sparked client retention and client increase. Its compromise due to the pandemic can be a big factor that may have been contributing to losing the clients.
  • Client fatigue due to the uncertain situations and change during the pandemic can be a reason that you are losing clients.
  • The administration or better costs of the competition attracting your clients.
  • There might be a communication barrier or that you are not accessible.
  • You are compromising the quality of your work and are delaying in providing the services.

What you can do about it

Contact and Communicate with the Old Clients
You can take the first step to win back the old clients by requesting to talk to them. There is a chance that they might dismiss your request. However, the client who agrees to talk might return to you. The discussion and feedback on the initial stages might help you in reviving your relationship.
Offer New Arrangements
If you identify the reason for the clients leaving you in the past, you may offer to make a new arrangement for them. Your clients will be tempted to re-examine the services and will start taking an interest in the offer. Be humble and gracious and focus on your work quality if the client returns.
Keep Yourself Accessible
You can use the technology to stay in the eyes of people. Make it easier for people to find you online. If you have a good virtual marketing strategy and a well-designed website that explains your services and legitimacy, then you have a greater chance of finding new clients. Make sure to get reviews because client reviews will aid to show the legitimacy of your business and push you up higher on google searches. Social media campaigns and podcasts/webinars on important issues can attract more audiences and new clients too but be sure to make them engaging.
Get Client Referrals
Your clients can be a good avenue for you to find new customers. Ask for client referrals. A client can market your value in the best possible way and recommend you to a new customer. Make sure to thank your clients if you get a referral from them. You can also build referral relationship with companies and business firms by outsourcing some of your client needs to them too.
Improve Customer Service
Improving customer service can be a big step forward towards getting new clients and retaining the old ones. Good customer service can help you in efficiently meeting the growing customer needs.
  • Break the barriers of communication to avoid making your client feel alienated. You may use a mode of communication that is convenient for the client. You may also demonstrate a deep understanding of their needs and analyse their problems.
  • Direct your clients towards your trusted sources for advice and services that you do not offer but show them that you will still do what you can to help.
  • Client feedback and appreciation are important. It shows that you are involved in the work and do not treat the clients as a number.
The unexpected change brought in by 2020 has changed many things in the business world. However, it is crucial to understand that many of these shifts are inevitable and might not change in the future. You must prepare your clients for the changes and guide them towards their ultimate goals through a slow transition. If you can help clients in times like these, they will never forget you and always market you to others.
An organic lead coming from a client referring you to someone can be one of the warmest leads you will ever get!