Home Learning During Lockdown

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Home Learning during Lockdown

Another lockdown in the country has made your child’s home learning your head concern, again. It is tough to become a teacher of your child.
Are you stuck between work and your child’s studies?
Here is a list of some absorbing home learning resources that will keep your child’s mind at the top of schooling.
CBBC Learning
CBBC has announced to broadcast different shows that will help your children in home learning. The shows are designed for both primary and secondary school kids between the age of four and sixteen.
The primary school programs are scheduled to be broadcasted at 9am for three hours. These shows include live lessons from BBC and other learning shows like Our School and Operation Ouch.
Science, history, and literature programs will be broadcasted for secondary school students for two hours a day. Regular learning shows on the tv for free is the new home learning strategy of CBBC.
Home Learning Packs by Scholastic
Textbooks from scholastic are most famous for a great learning experience. The company has introduced a free home learning pack to provide your child with the best home learning experience.
Scholastic home learning pack is available on their official home learning website. You can choose and download it from there. The packages are designed and focus on different age groups.
Planners and Activity Packs by Twinkl
You can now plan a productive day for your child by using the planners and home learning activity packs by Twinkl. The education platform has introduced 630,000 free activity packs for you to make your child learn at home with fun.
The experts have designed the content in a way that focuses on all the essential subjects at all stages. It covers the curriculum that is necessarily taught at school on all levels, from the fundamental learning stage to GSCE. The kit also includes a detailed guidance manual for parents on how to school their children at home.
Canva Class
Canva class is a popular platform that designs timetables and worksheets. It is used by millions of tutors throughout the world. You can use Canva Class to download free worksheets and timetable templates.
You can use the worksheets to involve your child in different storyboarding and learning of facts through fun activities at home.
Home Learning for Pre-schoolers
It is hard to add a method to the madness of your little ones. Learning resources are your way to keep the preschoolers busy in learning. Learning resources offer you a pack of free fun activities that include worksheets and learning packages for the kids.
You can make your kid learn counting, memorising letters, and shapes through the fun learning activity packs introduced by Learning resources.
Peer learning through Speech Bulbs
Speech bulbs have made a new app that gives your little one a peer learning experience at home. You can download the app and make your child learn different sounds, letters, and emotions through the videos of real children.
The early sound learning chapters are free of cost. However, there are some subscription charges to unlock the next levels of learning. Subscription charges for their annual plan are £69.99 and £99.99 for their forever plan.
Do the online resources focus on curriculum only?
In this lockdown, the online resources introduced not only focus on the curriculum but also the learning of many new things. Different platforms have been introduced by the schools to cover the curriculum. The government, however, is focusing on curriculum learning along with new things.